Foundations of Perceiving and the Prophetic – Course I


Cost:     $150 single

               $290 for couples

               Includes the 254 page text    

Pay:       Zelle via (preferred)

               Cash or check to Jackie Jacobsen on the first night of class


When:   Thursday evenings, August 13, 2020 – November 19, 2020 

                6:30 – 9pm

Where:  Discover Community Church – County Line/Santa Fe

                8200 South Park Circle, Littleton, CO 80120


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Foundations of Perceiving and the Prophetic

Description of the course:

The main direction of this discipleship course is to bring our basic and well known in-Christ Lordship realities into practical application and active fruit bearing servant hood. Lessons are geared for the believer to release Jesus’ life, character, nature and gifting’s in a greater way, spirit, soul and body.

Practical in-Christ exercises to develop being led by the Holy Spirit as a lifestyle help establish the believer to live and move in literal partnership with Him, obeying His leading as a lifestyle.

Students are encouraged to recognize and use obvious, practical tools of hearing and perceiving the ever-present voice and leading of the Holy Spirit in order to destroy soul control and walking in the flesh. Living in Spirit and Truth becomes a reality. The end result is being equipped to be a maturing prophetic voice; hearing, stepping forward and speaking forth in the home, workplace, in relationships and in ministry settings.

The wrong “us and them” use of the word prophetic is replaced with right understanding and application. Definitions of prophetic terminology and principles, responsibilities of leadership and explanation of the various gifting levels of being a prophetic voice be presented and discussed.

Objective tools for testing subjective prophetic ministry and people will be taught and implemented in the workshops. Observing past and present excesses and abuses of prophetic practice will be used to make corrections and bring balance.

Practical hands-on training in a workshop setting will provide opportunity and experience to move past the use of devotional tongues as well as stirring up the depths of personal giftedness through the gift of prophecy and the other gifts of the Spirit, as the Spirit wills.

Understanding the urgency of the hour and the role of personal relationship to the prophetic age we live in is emphasized. The constant challenge to the students is to perceive, receive and step into the awesome, supernatural empowerment of the recreated spirit, the “real you” in partnership with the Holy Spirit Himself. The Foundation class produces a true disciple of Messiah Jesus when the believer’s spirit stands victoriously over their old nature and their unrenewed mind.