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Where can you go when…..

  • You have a great yearning to be led by the Spirit and walk in the fullness of the Spirit and live a victorious Christian life before you leave this earth?
  • You have many questions and doubts about the validity and role of the prophetic in the Christian life but also a compelling hunger to respond and pursue prompting of the Holy Spirit inside of you?
  • You desire to hear God’s voice clearly and consistently for yourself, but need to know how to do it?
  • You are certain of your prophetic gifting, but are unsure of what to do next or you just need a safe place to grow and mature?
  • You have been burned and disillusioned with “charismatic” people, practices and “churchianity” and need a place to heal?
  • You desire to see the local church embrace prophetic gifting and prophetic ministry but do not have a track to run on?

A good place to go is LED BY THE SPIRIT SCHOOL, a training and discipleship school to learn how to be led by the Spirit as a lifestyle. The main principles presented in the Led by the Spirit School Courses focus on Messiah Jesus’ life, nature, character, humility and gifting being released in a greater way, spirit, soul and body into the everyday life of the believer.

There is an urgent call today for all believers in Christ to hear God’s voice for themselves, to step forward and speak forth as the Holy Spirit leads. The challenge to this generation is to be a strong, anchored and active prophetic voice and servant of excellence.

Developing a personal, active relationship with the Holy Spirit, alongside a intimate relationship with Jesus, is a major missing link in living in this New Covenant Age. Literally partnering with the Person of the Holy Spirit and learning better to obey His still, small voice as a lifestyle is the purpose of the Learning to Perceive Workshop.

Students are encouraged to recognize and train themselves to use practical tools of identifying all of the voices, but to hear and to only follow the ever-present voice and leading of the Holy Spirit. Victory will be experienced over the confusion, fear, insecurity and lack of boldness from walking in the flesh.

The wrong “us and them” connotation of the word, prophetic, is replaced with right understanding and application. Definitions of prophetic terminology and principles, responsibilities of leadership and explanation of the various gifting levels of prophetic voices will be presented.

Practical hands-on training in a workshop setting will provide opportunity and experience to use all the skills of hearing and being led by the Holy Spirit. Personal giftedness will be stirred up and mature in this workshop setting. Being a confident prophetic voice of excellence to this generation will be experienced.

What People Say…

I have been a Christian for a long time, but naive as to who God was in me. By the time I got to the end of the course, I understood that my spirit is powerful and has the ability to stand up to “my old man.” I am loaded and my spirit is the
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~ L.A.

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