Personal Prophetic Ministry

The Led by the Spirit Ministry Team has been raised up to minister to the body of Christ on the Front Range. Personal prophetic ministry is an opportunity to be edified, encouraged and comforted through the gift of prophecy, I Corinthians 14:3 as the trained prophetic team led by the Spirit speaks over you. Personal prophetic ministry is available to singles, couples, children and families on the second Tuesday of every month.

Opportunities to receive prophetic ministry:

  • Bi-monthly 10 minute prophetic ministry is offered in January , March , May , July , September and November. Child care is available. Please note that sign up is required the weekend before the Tuesday ministry time. Expect a first come-first served, sign up opportunity. No “walk ins” are taken on the ministry night and sign ups are not taken by phone or email. You are asked to use your own recording device. Recording will be done for you if you do not have a recording device of your own.
  • Bi-monthly 30 minute prophetic ministry is offered in a private appointment setting at Discover Community Church on the second Tuesday of February , April , June , August, October and December. Child care is not available. An appointment for private prophetic ministry can be made a month prior to the date desired. No appointments are taken on the day of the ministry by phone or email. You are asked to use your own recording device. Recording will be done for you if you do not have a recording device of your own. For a morning, afternoon or evening appointment, call: Deb at 303.601.8382.

About The Led by the Spirit Prophetic Voices Ministry Team

Students who have completed the discipleship of the 30 week LBS Courses I and II and are led to continue on, may decide to be further trained and become part of the Led by the Spirit Prophetic Voices Ministry Team who minister prophetically monthly to the local congregation and to believers, groups and leaders on the Front Range of Colorado. The mission statement for this prophetic team of excellence is: To be a led by the Spirit prophetic voice of excellence to this generation. This role model ministry team, graduates of LBS School, at work in church congregations proves that prophetic ministry can be successfully established in the local setting.

Traveling ministry teams and students may have the opportunity to go on a mission or teaching trip. Two teaching and ministry trips have bee taken to an established LBS School in West Sussex, England and to Livingston, Scotland and Zholti Vodi, Ukraine where the Led by the Spirit School principles are being taught and used. Teams have also traveled to a mission station on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Alexandria, Louisiana.

The LBS School Alumni Accountability Meeting

Prophetic voices who are called to minister formally in the body of Christ today, need to follow the example of accountability spoken of in I Corinthians 14:29 AMP. Weighing and discerning helps steer a prophetic voice to conform into the image of the Lord Jesus and His Word in a safe and loving setting. The Ministry Team practices this principle for their prophetic ministry to be weighed and discerned by their peers on a regular basis.

The accountability meeting is called, “PITS” meaning “Prophetic (voices) In Training Support.” Edifying each other in this mentoring/support group setting sharpens giftings and builds confidence for a continuing prophetic ministry of excellence. The members of the Ministry Team are required to attend five to six accountability meetings a year for fellowship, fun, training and discipline.

Anyone who has completed the LBS School Course I and II or an LBS School Workshops is invited to be a part of the PITS group weather or not they are on the Ministry team. All are welcome to attend to stay connected and continue to grow along side of the Ministry Team in their prophetic pursuits.

A typical meeting agenda typically includes praise and worship by the Led By The Spirit Worship Band, fellowship, amazing potluck meals, going over assignments, teaching, guest speakers, sharing insights into pertinent areas and book reviews. Every meeting includes prophetic workshops to stir up and deepen prophetic gifting.

What People Say…

I have been a Christian for a long time, but naive as to who God was in me. By the time I got to the end of the course, I understood that my spirit is powerful and has the ability to stand up to “my old man.” I am loaded and my spirit is the
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