Foundations of Perceiving and the Prophetic Course I

Led by the Spirit Prophetic Course I – Foundations
The most usable form for teaching led by the Spirit principles. Designed for an 8-10 week session to cement the LBS principles.



Foundations of Perceiving and the Prophetic Course I
Fondly called “The Mother Load,” the Foundations and Advanced Courses can be used for an individual to use solely for themselves. It can also be used for a leader to as needed, for a resource. Single subjects lifted from the lessons in the two Courses are available to teach separately. The Founder and Teacher of the LBS Course to date has been the only person who has taught it in its entirety. It is offered yearly, a 30-week commitment, from August through April. Anyone is who is led to do so, is invited to do the same. 254 pages.


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